You probably have a book in you. Or a story you've been wanting for years to tell. Or maybe you're not interested in writing at allbut you care deeply that your bio, letter of introduction, or personal web site reflects just how interesting and wonderful you are.


Let VW help you...

...develop your ideas. Knowing exactly what you want to say is one thing; putting it into words is quite another. If you've started and stopped your writing project a dozen times, you're not alone—and you don't need to be.

...find your voice. Only you can write from your perspective. But it’s okay to have a little help. VW can work with you to find the right words for you.

...streamline your writing process. Sometimes you don't know where to start. Sometimes you don't know when to stop. VW can help you control the information you want to share or the story you want to telland not the other way around.

avoid mistakes. Above all, even the simplest error can undermine everything else your writing is intended to achieve. With VW, you know it will be done right; the final product will be polished, professional, and make you proud.


Our specialties include:

  • Bios
  • Copy for personal web sites
  • Book doctoring
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Resumes
  • Letter editing
  • Letters of introduction
  • Any idea that you need put into writing for any audience


"Victor really helped shape my personal story and how I appeared on the campaign trail when telling my story to people. The amount of time he spent listening to me was really appreciatedhis listening and writing skills are impeccable."

— Jermaine Reed
    City Councilmember, 3rd District
    Kansas City, MO