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The secret to eternal life

It's a bit cliched to say that a picture is worth a thousand words (well, that is a cliche), but there is some degree of truth to it. And so when the attempt is made to translate a picture—such as, say, a Chinese character—into one word or even a handful of words, the accuracy of the intended idea can be questionable. But the result can be magical.

I had the good fortune to travel in China last year, and jotted this down in my notes:

Seen, on a sign at the entrance to a hiking park near Yangshuo: The itinerary of Immortal, a list of directives which includes, “It is not to climbing on the bad thunderstorming days.”

It’s the little things that matter. As many people of distinguished age will tell you, the secret to long life really is a series of small insights, day in and day out. You can smoke until you’re 90, eat fatty foods until you’re 100, but… be sure to find the joy in each moment; never turn down a friend or loved one in need; and, no matter what others may want you to do, it is not to climbing on the bad thunderstorming days.