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Beyond The Book: Some Unusual Gift Ideas For Word Freaks

Yes. Today is already December 18. And you know what that means: Hanukkah is only two nights away! Also, Christmas is in a week. Are you still looking for last-minute gifts for those in your life who love words? Sure, since they are probably avid readers, you could always get them books. But—hello?—don’t you think they already have books?? I mean, come on. Besides, if you are looking for hardbacks, paperbacks, and Kindle credits to put under the tree, in a stocking, or wherever your family happens to put these things, expert contributors have offered excellent advice here, here, here, and here.

But if you’re looking for a more unorthodox suggestion—something off the page and also, perhaps, completely off the wall (and, in at least one case, on it), here are a few different ideas, any of which can be on its way to your beloved word-lover with a few clicks on the "Word" Wide Web…

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