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One day more

 And, why yes, tickets are available now. Thanks for asking. Simply click below...





Approaching the Fringe

Fringe is coming. Stay tuned...


Meanwhile, down at the Fishtank...

Very honored to be making my debut in the Fishtank Performance Studio's Summer Shorts series with (the first 30 minutes of) my new play-in-progress, Fish and Houseguests (no relation to the Fishtank, other than that it has emerged from its wonderful playwriting seminar, coordinated by Heidi Van and led by Bryan Moses, of which I've been very satisfied to take part).

And honored, too, that (above, from left) Frank Lillig, Jo Bledsoe, Anna Day, and Ethan Zogg, as well as Bryan (not pictured; that creepy bearded guy at the end is me) would lend their talents to a goofy script that was being written right up to the moment they received it...


The play's the thing...again

So, adventures in playwriting...and my excitement that others share in my excitement enough to stage another script of mine...continue. This weekend, my short play The Impressionists will have its world premiere as part of the Original Playwrights Festival at the City Theatre of Independence. That's Independence, Missouri, home of our 33rd President, Harry S. Truman, who was, of course, also something of a playwright*, hence his infamous nickname, "Give 'em Hell in the Third Act Harry."

*Unless, of course, further research, which I have not done, reveals that, in fact, he was not.

Unlike my most recent previous effort, The Impressionists features actual human characters. You can find out more about it and even download the script here.



UPDATE: Well, I know that the real honor is in being nominated -- or, in this case, having my play selected for production -- but I'm pleased to announce that The Impressionists also won, by audience vote, the award for Best Script. What a nice thing to have happen. I like to pretend that I'm motivated by rejection -- but, frankly, I find praise much more encouraging.


A little help from new friends...

I was honored last night to have my short play, "To The Dogs," featured in a session of the Ten Minute Play Workshop, an online project created by Jen Whiting at Rider University. It was a rewarding and confidence-building experience. I also got to learn how to use GoToMeeting, and to have a mutli-way conversation with a wall of talking heads on my computer screen (this must be what it feels like to be Wolf Blitzer or Captain Kirk). Best of all, I got some incredible advice for improving my script from a group of writers who know what they're talking about. My sincere thanks to Jen, John Gamel, and Adam Douglas. I look forward to working with you all again soon...