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And now for a few words about words (and many other things)...

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"Weird Al" really gets it...

And now there's this:


"Word Crimes"

Weird Al gets it.


Approaching the Fringe

Fringe is coming. Stay tuned...


Meanwhile, down at the Fishtank...

Very honored to be making my debut in the Fishtank Performance Studio's Summer Shorts series with (the first 30 minutes of) my new play-in-progress, Fish and Houseguests (no relation to the Fishtank, other than that it has emerged from its wonderful playwriting seminar, coordinated by Heidi Van and led by Bryan Moses, of which I've been very satisfied to take part).

And honored, too, that (above, from left) Frank Lillig, Jo Bledsoe, Anna Day, and Ethan Zogg, as well as Bryan (not pictured; that creepy bearded guy at the end is me) would lend their talents to a goofy script that was being written right up to the moment they received it...


And the Heart of America Award goes to...

Okay, okay...it's me. From the tooting-my-own-horn department, I am thrilled to announce that two of my pieces for "A Fan's Notes" on KCUR's Up to Date"Still Running" and "Under the Spell"—were honored this weekend at the annual Heart of America Awards luncheon hosted by the Kansas City Press Club in the category of "Editorial/Commentary, Radio."

Many thanks to KCUR and to Stephen Steigman and Danie Alexander for producing the pieces, inviting me back and tolerating me every month, and for nominating me for these awards in the first place...

Oh, and where, you may wonder, is the Gold Award? Next year...next year.